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About a month ago we picked up a hand and body lotion that bears the Certified Natural Products Association seal. We’d never heard of this hand and body lotion by J.R. Watkins before. It is 98.90% natural, contains no Parabens, no Phithalates, no propylene Glycol and is dye free. Even better, this natural antiaging skin care lotion has not been tested on animals and has been around since 1868. Now that sounds pretty good for those of you who want to use natural antiaging products that come without the dangerous chemicals.

natural-antiaging-body-lotionOne of the important things to remember is that anything that you put on your skin will be absorbed through the skin into your system. That counts for body lotions, deodorants, bioidentical hormone creams, and perfumes, etc. One of the products we use the most on our skin is skin care lotions which we smooth all over our bodies to keep the skin moisturized and youthful looking. So if you’ve been complaining that you can’t afford organic products such as moisturizers, hair products and makeup, the one product you use the greatest quantity of and expose your body to would be body lotion.  It’s used on a daily basis and covers the greatest area of  your skin. If there’s only one organic product you can afford, we would suggest that you splurge on a good natural antiaging body lotion.

J.R. Watkins Hand and Body Lotion is reasonably priced and is 98.90% natural. It is a rich, thick cream that smooths on the skin well and moisturizes the dry skin cells, pampering your skin.  Use it after your shower or bath.  We bought the “vanilla essence”  J.R. Watkins Hand and Body Lotion. We are very happy with it as a natural anti aging skin care product. J.R. Watkins makes other natural skin care products and we’re going to try some of the other products because we like this one a lot.

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